Here are our maps to help you locate the Drive Car Hire parking bays at Hobart Airport, a 2-3 minute walk from the Terminal.

Picking up a car on arrival:

Exit the terminal after baggage claim, follow signs to car rentals. Signs will direct you to the Drive Car parking bays.

Returning a car at Hobart Airport:

Please return to our parking bays numbered 243 – 247. Lock the car and drop key in the Key Return Box. From there it is a 2-3 minute walk to Departures.

Remember to refuel for return. The nearest petrol station is BP at 3 Holyman Avenue, Cambridge, which you will pass on the approach to the airport after exiting the Tasman Highway.

A note from Hobart Airport:

Please note that construction works are in progress at Hobart Airport to improve road networks and car parks. Please follow all signage and traffic instructions when you arrive.  For more information about Hobart Airport visit